Frequently asked questions

Common questions about SunDesk coworking & coliving space.

About Morocco

Do I need a Visa?

EU nationals with a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your return date do not need a visa to enter Morocco as a tourist. It is possible for EU nationals to stay up to 3 months in Morocco. If you hold a passport from outside the European Union, we strongly recommend that you check with the nearest Moroccan Embassy about visa requirements. For quick visa information about your country and Morocco check out

What is the Moroccan currency and how can I get some?

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham (abbreviated MAD). Exchange rates are around 11 Dirhams to 1€, 13 Dirhams to 1£, and 9 Dirhams to $1. Dirhams can only be obtained within Morocco. The cheapest way to get the currency is to withdraw using your Visa or MasterCard at one of the many ATMs at the airport or in Taghazout. There are also currency exchange facilities in the airport with decent exchange rates. This local machine and many other ATMs in Morocco do not accept debit cards and can be a little unreliable. If you have a VISA card, we recommend bringing it instead. If withdrawing cash doesn’t work on the first try, don’t worry, just try a different ATM.

Is Morocco safe?
Morocco is a very safe country. Tourism is an important segment of the economy, and the government is very serious about the tourist safety.
What clothing should I bring?
Morocco is a tolerant Muslim country, especially in tourist areas. Swimsuits and bikinis are normal on the beach. If you are coming in the winter, you probably need some warm clothes too, as the temperature drops in the evenings.
What is the food like?
A variety of western and traditional Moroccan food is available in the restaurants and cafés in Taghazout. You can find fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat in many local shops. There are also plenty of options to cater for vegetarians, vegans, and any other dietary requirements.
Can I buy alcohol?

Morocco is a Muslim country and alcohol is still not sold in most small towns and villages. However, you can buy alcohol in supermarkets, liquor shops and bars in Agadir — beer, wine, and any kind of spirits. There are now a couple of restaurants serving alcohol in Taghazout, but the options are limited and the service is restricted to the restaurant (no public drinking).

What are the electricity plugs like?
Moroccan voltage is 220V, 50 Hz (two-pin round plugs). Always check your laptop or electronic gadgets to make sure they can handle 100-240 volts.
What about healthcare?
You do not need any vaccinations to visit Morocco. There is a well stocked pharmacy in the village where you can buy any medicine you need. We are also fully equipped with first-aid equipment at the office.
What is the weather like?

Morocco is an all year round destination for great weather. We are blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year. Morocco is an all year round destination for great weather. We are blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year. During the summer time most of Morocco is very hot. Taghzout, however is blessed with a microclimate that keeps it cooler than the rest of the country.  It can be foggy most of the day until 4pm-5pm. After this it clears up and you can go to the beach. During the winter months it can be warm during the day and then when the sun goes down the temperature can drop. So, be sure to pack a cozy jumper.

                         Jan – Apr      May – Aug      Sep – Dec
Air Temp.      18c – 25c       25c – 30c       20c – 25c
Sea Temp.    16c – 18c       20c – 22c       17c – 20c

What are the costs of eating out?

Eating at restaurants is inexpensive in comparison to western standards. Expect to pay the equivalent of 1€ for a street snack

  • 3€ – 6€ for a taco, crepe, hamburger, etc.
  • 8€ – 12€ for a main dish at a nicer restaurant
Is there a large language barrier?
If you speak french, you’ll be able to speak to almost anyone. If you only speak english, don’t worry, many people speak english, and Morrocans are very helpful and resourceful 🙂
I hear that it is normal for foreigners to get stomach sickness in developing countries. Is that true?

The short answer: Does it happen? Yes. Could it happen anywhere? Yes.

While Taghazout is great, moroccan food quality standards are not the same as the western world’s. While there are amazing dishes you need to try, some places make them with… less hygiene in mind.

This does not mean you will get sick here! The majority of our guests leave with great memories and happy bellies. But those guests keep in mind the tricks of the trade to avoid the not so fun side of the developing world. Here are some tricks you can use here, as well as in other developing countries:

  • Be wary of salads
  • Be wary of ice cubes
  • Use the “peel rule” (eat fruits and vegetables that have a peel, e.g. bananas, beetroots, etc.) 
  • Be wary of Ketchup and Mayo
  • Be wary of meat and fish
  • Talk to our hosts and other guests about the good restaurants they’ve eaten at

If you do happen to get sick:

  • Personally message your hosts +212 631-908960 they can get you medicine, food, whatever you need!
  • Remain in your room/bathroom – while we’d love you to be amongst the living, let’s make sure no one else contracts what you have! Like we said, our hosts can bring you anything you need
  • Take it easy the day after: avoid strenuous physical activity, coffee and maybe even take another day off work. 

The good news:

  • Most people don’t get sick!
  • If you get sick, chances are you’ll get it once, and 24 hours later, you’ll be good as new!
  • If you get sick once, chances are you won’t have to go through it here again!


About Taghazout

Where is Taghazout?
Taghazout, is a vibrant seaside Berber village in the north of Agadir, southern Morocco. This former laid-back fishing place with its world class surf spots was discovered by the hippies in the 70’s and surf tourism has flourished since. Taghazout is the perfect place to enjoy the authentic Moroccan spirit paired with a western lifestyle.
I want to truly experience the culture, will I?
The longer you stay, the more you will feel it. Morroccan are very friendly, and enjoy interacting with tourists. So while you may not be a local, you can definitely become an honorary morrocan, and feel at home here.
Is there a bus to Marrakech?

Getting to Marrakech is a breeze, and makes for a great weekend trip. All you have to do is book a bus, we recommend or  which costs about €26 round trip.

After you book your ticket you can ask out host to book a taxi to take you to the bus station, and then pick you up when you come back for only €30 round-trip.

Or, you can take the shuttle. It is a direct shuttle service from Taghazout to Marrakech Airport or other destinations in the city, twice a day.


Is there a gym?

While we dont have one onsite, a short walk along the beach will take you to a gym at the Radisson Blue hotel, a nearby resort. You can either purchase a week pass for €18.50 or a month pass for €65. The gym is open 24/7.

Alternatively, there is a small Calisthenics park around 200 meters from the SunDesk main building or a CrossFit parkour right at the beach in Taghazout Bay Medina. It is a 2.5 km walk there.

At Panorama Beach, you can find volleyball fields, and Taghazout has its own skate park, including skateboard rental too

Are there physical activities other than surfing I can participate in?

We know surfing isn’t for everyone, so if your looking to stay active while your here, check out our activities page!

How’s Ramadan in Taghazout?
During Ramadan, generally things are slower: about half the shops are closed until 1pm, and the other half of the restaurants will be fully closed for the entire month. However, food options are available during the month, and all outdoor activities are still available. Additionally, SunDesk is fully open during Ramadan!

How to reach us

Where is SunDesk?
The village of Taghazout is 20 minutes away from Agadir on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.
Which airport to choose?

Many low-fare airlines fly directly to Agadir, which is an hour drive along the coast road to Taghazout.

More airlines fly to Marrakech, which is a €14 bus trip (3-4 hours) away. We recommend taking CTM, SupraTours buses or a direct shuttle from the airport with souktosurf. Read below how to reach us from Marrakech.

How do I get to Taghazout coming from Agadir/Airport?

The most comfortable way is to get a taxi from the airport. SunDesk is an hour drive away and gives lifts from Agadir Airport (€28 or 300 MAD) or Bus station (€15) to Taghazout on request. There is a bus running from Agadir Airport to Inezgane, from Inezgane to Agadir and from Agadir bus 32 to Taghazout. We don’t recommend taking the bus because it can take about 3 hours to reach us. Alternatively, you can take a shuttle from the airport with Souk to Surf. 


How do I get from Marrakech Airport to Taghazout?

1. Take a taxi from the airport to CTM Bus station (€10)

2. Get into the bus to Agadir (€14)

3. Take a taxi from Agadir Bus station to Taghazout (€15)

CTM busesSupratour buses provide an online schedule and payment system. 

Alternatively, you can take a shuttle from the airport with Souk to Surf.

Do you provide taxi service?

Yes! You can book a taxi while booking your room, or inquire after booking, we’ll make sure to set it up. Please make sure to provide us with your flight or bus arrival info, and we’ll meet you there. Agadir airport pick-up service is 28 €/ 300 MAD and Agadir bus station pick-up service is 15€ / 165 MAD. We highly recommend you use this service: you can take a taxi from the airport or bus station with a local driver, however they will try to charge you a lot of money, you’ll have to negotiate, and you’ll have to pay in cash. With us, we use a trusted taxi company that will hold a SunDesk sign for you to easily find them, and the prices are set.

What if my flight arrives late? How can I move in?

While we do not have a 24/7 receptionist, this is not a problem. If you’ve elected to book a taxi with us and provided us with your flight details, our driver will know if the flight is arriving late. Upon booking you’ll receive the phone number, and can always let us know of any updates. If your taxi arrives in the middle of the night, the driver will have access to the house, will show you your room, and give you your keys. We’ll see you at breakfast the following day!

Coworking at SunDesk

What office equipment do you have?

 200/200 Mbps fiber internet connections

Furnished office including desk, lamp, ergonomic chair, and storage


Private Skype room

✓  Receptionist on duty

Breakfast at the terrace

Coffee, tea and drinking water

Large ocean view terrace

Chill out area

LED screens on request

Can I work outside?
SunDesk has coworking space both inside and out.
How many people can work in the office?

16 people can work and live at SunDesk at the same time.

Are there meeting rooms available?
While we do have a skype room for privacy and online meetings, there is not a dedicated meeting space for groups.
Can I use your coworking space if I am not staying at SunDesk?

Yes, we have Daypasses and the costs are 8,00 Euro a day. The office hours for Daypassers are 08.00-19.00
The use of all areas, Skype room and coffee, tea and water are included in the Daypass. 

What’s included in the price for coworking?

8am-7pm workspace access, 200/200 Mbps internet, indoor & outdoor work areas, private Skype room, printer, scanner & fax, coffee, tea & water

Can I stay longer than the office hours if I purchase a Day Pass?
Our staff likes to be home and spend time with their families as well, so unfortunately, you can not stay longer than the office hours. However, if we are having events, you are more than welcome to join!

Staying at SunDesk

What if I've paid and now I can't come?

You may cancel free of charge until 4 weeks before arrival.

  • 4 weeks or more from holiday start date = Full refund
  • 1 – 4 weeks before holiday start date = 50% refund
  • Less than 1 week to holiday start date = No refund


What's included in breakfast?

Our breakfast is available every day from 9AM-10AM on our rooftop. Our breakfast is homemade by our amazing staff, and usually includes local bread, spreads, homemade yogurt, fruit, coffee, and a main course that varies by day. If you have dietary restrictions, please let our staff know and we will do our best to accommodate. There are always vegetarian and vegan options available.

Do you provide lunch and dinner?

SunDesk provides lunch every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays and provides a BBQ dinner on Tuesday. These meals require morning sign up and payment for them can be put on your bill at the end of your stay.

Can I cook my own food?

Yes! We have a fully-equipped kitchen in each of our two houses. We provide pots, pans, spices, and a fresh water tap.

Are there any extra costs?
The price you see is the price you pay. Taxes are included in the listed prices.
What does “Room service” include?

In our Budget and Standard Rooms, our lovely staff will dust the room every second day, sweep the floor, make your bed, and switch out your rug if needed. Once a week, your towels and sheets will be cleaned, and the floor mopped.

The premium beach apartments and studios receive a full cleaning once a week or on request.”


What’s included in the price?
Your prepared bedroom, daily healthy breakfast, daily room service, 24/7 workspace access, locker for valuables, fully-equipped kitchen, and washing machine access.
When is the high and the low season?

Our high season is from October to April, during which you can expect a large group and a constantly fully booked house. Our low season is from June to August. During this time, we have a smaller group of coworkers, and it is much more chilled and calm at the house. Meanwhile, the village will be in its summer high season, and lots of Moroccan visitors will spend their holidays in town. However, we accept bookings year-round!

What is your availability?

We are completely transparent about what is available and when you can book. Please visit the “check availability and book” section of our booking page.

How short can I stay?

Our minimum stay requirement is ten nights, providing you with ample time to fully integrate into the group and make the most of your experience.

How long can I stay?
You may stay as long as you’d like! May sure to book in advance to get the best availability. The longer you stay, the more you save!
Do you allow for instant bookings?
If we have availability, we allow for same-day bookings and check-ins.
How do I make a reservation?

All reservations take place through the SunDesk website here. We require a credit or debit card to be put on-file to complete the reservation.

How do I pay for my stay?

Payment for the room at SunDesk is required upon check-in, while additional costs for items such as lunches will be billed at the end of your stay. Payment can be made in cash, by card (with a 5% merchant fee), or through TransferWise.

Can I ship parcels to SunDesk/ Morocco ?
In short, no. Due to customs most packages never make it. Letters reach us but this requires a different address, you can message us directly for the correct address.

Life at SunDesk

What is Coliving?
While there are many definitions, coliving is a new type of accommodation model, where guests share living space, interests, values, and/or intentions. The idea is not new, just reenvisioned with millennial values in mind; values such as openness, collaboration, social networking, and the sharing economy. Our favorite part about coliving? You’ll never come home to an empty house.
Why should I stay at SunDesk?
If you want to get your work done in between beautifully cooked morrocan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, stay with us. If you want to have easy access to amazing surf at an affordable price, stay with us. If you want to live amongst a group of like minded professional travelers, come stay with us. If you want to live with people who actively want to get to know other travelers, stay with us, at SunDesk.
What’s the history behind your company?
Following her dreams to travel and work, our founder Magda started her education in the hotel sector. After a short time, she figured out that working for a global hotel chain meant representing a brand with little-to-no consideration for cultural differences. Creating the same product all over the world wasn’t fulfilling for her, and in 2011 she decided to do something different.

She joined an online university and started to work in Taghazout. While studying, she met freelancers from all over the world having a great time in Morocco while also working on their own projects. However, everyone faced the same problems: slow internet connections, finding a quiet place to work, having stable skype calls and a lack of social contact.

The idea for SunDesk was born with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity to travel and maintain the ability to work while being abroad. She googled “location independent worker” and found out about a group called “Digital Nomads”. From that moment, she was determined to start a space for these enterprising travelers, and with the help of many amazing friends and supporters her dream came true.

What kind of events do you organize?

While we don’t organize any formal events other than the weekly trip to the Souk (market) and our Tuesday barbeque, our members are always self-organizing to go out to events in Taghazout, and collectively setting up day-trip and excursions. The SunDesk staff is always available to make recommendations and set activities up for our guests. See our list of activities here:

How do you create a sense of community?
There are three main ways we create a sense of community: food, staff, and shared space. For every breakfast (and some days, lunch as well), all of our guests come and sit together, eat together and converse. Our staff makes sure to make introductions, and foster a sense of belonging; no one is left behind. Lastly while technology can hinder in-person interaction, you’ll always find our guests chatting between coworking sessions. When most guests leave, they know everyone on a first-name basis, and have a new group of friends to travel and work with.

The people of SunDesk

How many guests will stay at SunDesk?
While our occupancy varies, the maximum amount of people that could stay at SunDesk is 15.
How long do people usually stay for?
While guest’s stay-length varies, most people are staying at SunDesk for between one and 4 weeks. We do, however, have an increasing number of guests staying on a monthly basis.
Who are the typical guests at SunDesk?
Most of our typical guests are digital nomads; travelers who work from their computers and therefore work from anywhere. Digital nomads are not your typical travelers: they are not at SunDesk to party and relax. They choose SunDesk for the fast wifi, surf, and community, so they are usually be found working for a decent portion of the day.
Are there many digital nomads in Taghazout ?
Taghazout itself is not known for its digital nomad scene – However Sundesk is the digital nomad haven that Taghazout has always needed! From our fiber-optic internet to our coworking space, you will see nomads spitting their time between their work and the beach!
Guest policy?

Feel free to have a couple guests over during the day; they are welcome to hangout in the common areas with you present. For anyone who would like to stay the night, Morrocan law requires that they go through a formal check in process, and therefore they would need to become a paying guest. Please inquire with our staff for availability. If your friends are at SunDesk to work, they must pay for a coworking day pass.

Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately we can not accept pets due to the changing potential allergies of existing and upcoming guests.
Are couples allowed?
Yes! Couples and reserve rooms through our booking pages just like any other room. Please make sure to reserve a room indicating “Max 2 persons” and specify the quantity as “2” when selecting your desired room.
Who is the host and what do they do?

Our hosts are here to welcome you and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during your stay at SunDesk! They will meet you upon arrival, show you around, and are always available to you in-person or over the phone. They can help you set up excursions, give you advice on where to surf, and much more. Our hosts are an integral part of our community, and are either from Taghazout or the surrounding villages. See more about our hosts here.

Who is the owner of SunDesk?

Magda is the owner of SunDesk, to learn more about her and the whole team, click here.

Are children allowed?

In short, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 with or without supervision. However under certain circumstances we may allow children. Please inquire here before booking.

The SunDesk Space

Can I wash my clothes somewhere?
Yes! We have a washer on-site, and drying racks available. Each wash is 2€. Laundry detergent is made available as well.
Can I share the private room?
Some of our private rooms can be used as shared rooms; the beds split apart to create a shared twin room.
How many people stay in a twin shared room?
Two people, one in each bed.
What's the security like at your locations?
Upon arrival you’ll receive keys to your room, the main house, and if you are staying in the 2nd house, a key to the second house as well. Only you and our staff have access to these areas. We provide key-access lockers in our coworking area for your convenience, but as a testament to the safety of our space, barely anyone uses the lockers. Our wfit network is password-protected, and the password is changed when needed. For your privacy, we have not installed cameras in the common areas of our space. In addition to the above, coliving provides a unique, unintended security benefit: Because many people are living in the same spaces, there is virtually always someone at home.
Can I have my own bathroom?

At this time, we do not have rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Usually 2 rooms share one bathroom which is cleaned every day by our staff. 

How well-equipped is the kitchen?
Our kitchen in our main house (which everyone has access to) and has everything you would need to cook, eat, and clean: a stove top, oven, fridge, dishwasher, coffee machines (drip and french press) coffee grinder, pots, pans, spatulas, ladles, etc. Our kitchen even includes restockables like tea, coffee beans, and spices. Our kitchen in the 2nd house is more limited (no dishwasher, oven, or restockables) but still has everything you’d need to cook a stove top meal.
Can I park my car?
The main street in Taghazout has paid daily and overnight parking. For the majority of the year, day parking is usually around 0.20€ and overnight parking is usually around 1€. Expect the prices to double during the summer, and parking to be scarce (or at least a long walk) Once you have parked however, Taghazout is very walkable, you shouldn’t need your car to get around.
How big is SunDesk?
SunDesk has 11 bedrooms, a coworking space, a three rooftop terraces, a two-kitchens, and a Skype room.
Is the space handicapped accessible?
At this time, our space is currently not handicapped accessible.
How far is the beach from SunDesk?
While you can see the waves roll in from our office and terrace, the beach is only a five minute walk away!

The Surf at SunDesk

When is the surf season in Taghazout ?

The best time to surf in Taghazout is between October and April, if you come to SunDesk any other time, you can still surf but you will need to search harder for the surf spots. Check the Magic Seaweed Guide for more specific advice.

How many surf spots are around?
Check google for the surf spots, there are many! Here’s a quick link showing how many there are.
Can I rent surf gear?

We’ve partnered with a local surf shop to give you the best quality and rates we can find. Rates and offerings can be found on our activities page.

How much do surfing lessons cost?
€24,00 / Lesson see activities for more information!
Rental Prices?
€7,70 for equipment only see activities for more information!
How far is the beginner and intermediate surf spot from SunDesk?
Panorama Surf spot is a 5 minute walk from SunDesk.
Can I store my Surfboard?
Definitely! Every room has plenty of space for surfboard storage. If you prefer not to store it in you room we have more than enough space throughout the house.

Still have questions? Contact us here