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A day at SunDesk Coworking

What is it like to colive and cowork in Morocco ? Watch the video which takes you on a tour through SunDesk Coworking and our village Taghazout !

Our Workspace

Join a community of like-minded people! Work remotely and keep your productivity levels high, all while exploring beautiful Morocco.

The  SunDesk coworking space offers is located in the main building and offers amazing ocean views from the 16 desks on the second and third floor.

The main indoor coworking area is equipped with ergonomic chairs, tables of different heights, an adjustable standing desk, and private lockers, while the two outdoor areas have cozy couches and laptop desks. 

Both areas have fast 200/20 Mbps fiber internet connections. For private meetings, there’s a bookable Skype room, and coffee, tea, and water are always available to keep you focused.

What’s in the Office Space?

 200/20 Mbps fiber internet 
 Ergonomic chairs, standing desk
Indoor & Outdoor work areas
24/7 office access
Private Call room
Welcoming, multilingual staff

Our Accommodation

We have quite and peaceful rooms for you to rest you head, close to the coworking office.

SunDesk main house

The main house comprises of our coworking office, two terraces with stunning ocean views, six comfortable private bedrooms and three shared bathrooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen area for cooking, and a cosy living area for relaxing, socialising, and eating.

Our bedrooms are bright, airy and decorated with traditional Moroccan flair. Most of our room can be made to be a double or twin bed. We provide you with all the towels and linens you need and we provide a daily cleaning service of all rooms and communal areas. With room to store your surfboard and with the fastest wifi in Taghazout, you simply won’t want to leave.

What’s in the accommodation?

Private double/single or twin shared rooms (no bunk-beds)
Daily, healthy breakfast
 Cleaning service
Fully equipped kitchens
 Towels and linen
Washing machine

SunDesk 2nd house

The 2nd house is situated a stone throw away from our main house. It comprises of two private and one shared twin and two shared bathrooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen area for cooking, and a quiet terrace with comfortable sofas and two swaying hammocks for you to read, relax or snooze under the warm sun.

Just like the main house all bedrooms come prepared with towels and linens. A daily cleaning service of all rooms and communal areas is provided.There is wifi throughout and space to store your surfboard and bike.

Our Community

An always changing mix of nomads, mixing work and play as fits. Make a trip together, or do your own thing. Go to the beach, to surf, for lunch, to the hammam, on a road trip – all with new friends.

Our focus is on creating a vibrant coworking community where skills can be shared, relationships can be built, and fun can be cultivated.

At SunDesk we recognise the importance of starting the day as a group. Therefore, every morning we come together on the terrace for a delicious healthy breakfast. Optional lunches are provided throughout the week and there are always fun opportunities to come together after a productive working day.

Release those tensions with meditative yoga, master your inner pit master with our BBQ, or enjoy some fresh locally-caught fish. Why not learn a new skill in our Moroccan food cooking class or join in a workshop run by other coworkers. Get comfy on the sofa with our 42 inch plasma TV for movie nights, or beat your buddies at a fun board game. As the sun sets over our quaint surf town, you can sip a cold beer on the oceanfront with your newfound friends.

What’s usually going on? 

Communal daily breakfast
✓ Moroccan home-made lunches
 Cooking classes
Arabic workshop
 Board games
 Skill sharing workshops
 Variety of sport activities
Movie nights
Book selection
Poker nights 

Our Team

We host all sorts of guests staying short or long-term here at SunDesk. With all your coworkers working on different businesses and projects, prepare to be inspired! Check out who will take care of you:

Magdalena Founder of SunDesk

Magdalena is the founder of SunDesk. She grew up in rainy Germany and travelling to sunny destinations has always been her passion.

Following her dreams to travel and work, she started her education in the hotel sector. After a short time, she figured out that working for a global hotel chain meant following the brand with little to no consideration for cultural differences. Creating the same product all over the world wasn’t fulfilling for her and in 2011 she decided to do something different. She joined an online university and started to work in Taghazout. During these years she met freelancers from all over the world having a great time in Morocco while also working on their own projects. However, everyone faced the same problems: slow internet connections, finding a quiet place to work, having stable skype calls and a lack of social contact.

The idea for Sun Desk was born with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity to travel and maintain sales while being abroad. She googled “location independent worker” and found out about a group called “Digital Nomads”. From that moment, she was determined to start a space for these enterprising travellers, and with the help of many amazing friends and supporters her dream came true.

She speaks German, English, Spanish and a little Amazigh (the local language).

Ibtissam Host at SunDesk



Manale is one of SunDesk’s friendly hosts that ensures that each guest’s stay is happy and comfortable.

She schedules the day-to-day activities of SunDesk and is eager to answer your questions or help you plan your next adventure.

In her free time, she likes to stay active and enjoys playing volleyball, practicing yoga, walking on the beach, and exploring new places while taking pictures. Inspired by the good surfer vibes of some of the SunDesk guests, she has also taken up surfing!

More recently, inspired by her mom, Manale has also started a side business of making hand-crafted bags. She is excited to grow her business.

She speaks English, French, and Moroccan Arabic.

Ibtissam Host at SunDesk



Zineb is also one of SunDesk’s friendly hosts and the youngest member of the team!

She helps support Manale in planning the day-to-day activities of SunDesk and creating a fun community atmosphere. She can often be found socializing and helping new colivers feel integrated when they arrive.

In her free time, she likes to go dancing, hiking, cycling and running. She also likes to make amazing baked goods and her cakes are often devoured by guests.

She speaks English, French, and Moroccan Arabic.

Ibtissam Host at SunDesk



Jack of all trades, Mustapha ensures SunDesk runs smoothly.

Growing up in Taghazout, surrounded by tourists and surfers from all over the world, he was accustomed to different cultures from a very young age. At SunDesk, he bridges the gap between Moroccan flair and international hospitality by ensuring that guests have an amazing experience, wherever they are visiting from.

When he is not at SunDesk, he teaches in a public school in the outskirts of Agadir. He is also a big fan of literature and linguistics and can go into a deep discussion on these topics whenever prodded.

He speaks English, French, Moroccan Arabic, Amazigh and a bit of German.



Khadija prepares breakfast, weekly lunches, and tidies up the space.

She loves cooking delicious lunches and works hard to ensure the space is clean.

Married with three lovely children, she enjoys spending her leisure time with her family. When she’s not making sure that the Sundesk guests are well-fed, she enjoys traveling and having picnics with her kids.

Khadija speaks French, Amazigh and Arabic.


Kabira is an integral part of the SunDesk team, responsible for ensuring that all living spaces are kept immaculately clean and tidy.

She takes great pride in her work and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure guest satisfaction.
When not hard at work, Kabira enjoys spending time creating artwork and reading. She has two children and a love for cooking.
Languages: Arabic and Amazigh

Mustapha Administration at SunDesk


Aicha is in charge of keeping the Ocean82 house spotlessly clean and welcoming for all guests.

With her passion for cleanliness and attention to detail, she is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of housekeeping. Aicha also has a love for cooking and enjoys experimenting with new recipes in her free time. Her hobbies are running, dancing, and cooking.
She is fluent in Arabic and Amazigh.

Mustapha Administration at SunDesk


Khadija works part-time at SunDesk, providing support to both Kabira and Aicha.

With her warm and friendly personality, she always goes the extra mile to keep guests happy and comfortable during their stay.
Khadija lives in a mountain village near Taghazout and speaks Amazigh and Arabic fluently. She is always happy to lend a hand and ensure guests have a memorable stay at SunDesk.

Mustapha Administration at SunDesk

Habib is the friendly and dedicated receptionist at SunDesk's Ocean82 house.

He takes great pride in his work and is always eager to help guests with anything they may need during their stay. Habib is responsible for purchasing the freshest ingredients for breakfast and lunch from the local souk, and is also skilled in facility maintenance as a handyman. He is a valuable asset to the SunDesk team and always goes above and beyond to ensure guest satisfaction.
In his free time, Habib enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
Languages: English, French, Amazigh, and Arabic.